Harford liquor board grants license to Edgewood's Tacos Tijuana

Posted December 15, 2015 - A new Mexican restaurant, Tacos Tijuana, at an Edgewood location which has seen past troubles with county liquor inspectors, was granted a liquor license last week by the Harford County Liquor Control Board.

The restaurant, at 1709 Edgewood Road in a hotel, can serve beer and wine once it provides use and occupancy permits to the liquor board. The location formerly was home to El Rodeo.

Attorney Gary Maslan told the liquor board at its meeting last Wednesday that Tacos Tijuana's owners, brothers Jose Orellana Benitez and Santos S. Orellana, are "very experienced restaurateurs."

The restaurant has been operating without liquor sales for about a year, but the owners are constantly being asked by their customers about drinks, Maslan said.

In September 2014, the operator of El Rodeo, which also served Mexican food, gave up the liquor license at the prominent spot near the I-95 and Route 24 interchange after the liquor control board threatened to revoke it for repeated violations.

Under the previous ownership, the restaurant had been fined $10,000 and its license suspended for 10 days over a five-year period, according to liquor board records.