Alcoholic Beverage License Applications

Obtaining a License to Sell Alcohol

For information regarding the process to apply for an alcoholic beverage license in Harford County, please review the   How to Apply brochure available on this website. 

Please note that the process takes approximately eight (8) weeks from the time an application packet (complete and in order) is filed with the Board Office.

Application packets may be obtained as follows:

  • Online:  Fillable forms are available on this website (under Associated Documents on the License Applications tab).
  • By Mail:  Request an application packet be mailed to you by calling the Board Office at 410-638-3028.


Please contact the Board Office at 410-638-3028 with any questions.



2024 Renewal Applications

The 2024 Renewal Application packet is now available on this website (click here to download).  AB § 22-1802 of the Annotated Code of Maryland states that “An application to renew an annual license shall be filed between February 1 and April 1, inclusive.”  

Alcoholic beverage licenses are not renewed automaticallyYou must file your renewal paperwork with the Board office, pay for, and pick up your license for it to remain viable. 

Other pertinent Renewal deadlines, fees, and information include:

  • Renewals filed between 2/1/2024 and 3/15/2024 must include a $150* processing fee.
  • Renewals filed between 3/16/2024 and 4/30/2024 are considered late and must include the $150* processing fee plus a $500* late fee ($650 total).
  • Renewals filed after 4/1/2024 will be held and considered by the Board for up to 30 days prior to issuance.
  • Tax Clearances from the State of Maryland (Comptroller’s Office) and Harford County (Revenue Collections) must be received by 4/30/2024, even if your Renewal fee and License fee are paid.  You must have a valid license to make sales.  Contact information for MD State Tax holds may be found on this website (click here to download).
  • The deadline for submission of applications for new, transfer, or change of officers, location or license class during the 2024 Renewal period was 1/16/2024.  Applications received after this date will not be processed until after 5/1/2024. This does not include Per Diem licenses issued to non-profit organizations for fundraising purposes.
  • LICENSE PICK UP:  Licenses will be avaiable for pick up at the Board office between 4/24/2024 and 4/30/2024.  The Board office is closed on Saturday (4/27/2024) and Sunday (4/28/2024).  Payment of the license fee is required to pick up your license.

Please contact the Board office at 410-638-3028 with any questions.

*Denotes new Renewal processing fees, effective January 1, 2024.


Associated Documents

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